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Thursday, 19 May 2016 06:56


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Arrest of prominent attorney in April leads to allegations of sex and drugs for reduced sentence...

MERCED, CA – MCNTV News has helped bring forth so many silent voices. People who never could get a local reporter to listen, much less care. Corporate media are about playing by a corrupt government's rules and MCNTV News is not a part of that establishment. We purposefully do not attend Elks, Kiwanis, the Italo Lodge, and other schmooze fests with the big money business owners and politicians, unlike other local news agencies. That's how friendships are built and soon decisions are made to not run stories by your news media outlets and corruption goes unchecked for years.

<div id="attachment_12476" align="alignleft" width="160">Rayllynn Wineland Raylynn Wineland</div>

You may have read our story about 48-year-old Dominic Falsco, a Los Banos attorney who is also an MDA contract attorney with Morse and Pfeiff law firm and is a member of the Los Banos Unified School District board of trustees, was riding in a black Ford F-150 pickup truck driven by 27-year-old Raylynn Wineland of Dos Palos. At approximately 1:18 a.m. Merced PD dispatch received a call from a concerned citizen regarding a possible drunk driver and a patrol unit spotted the vehicle and pulled the driver over in the area of Yosemite Ave and M Street in Merced.

After a brief investigation of the driver, the officers believed the driver was not DUI, but did learn that Wineland was on probation and must allow for search and seizure of her property at anytime by law enforcement as a condition of her probation. According to the Merced Police Department, officers found methamphetamine inside the truck and Falasco admitted that it was his and that he had more methamphetamine in his personal possession.

[caption id="attachment_12824" align="alignright" width="200"]GetImage Dominic Falasco booked at Merced County Jail for Meth and Marijuana back in April 2016[/caption]

Officers also located marijuana and hashish and Wineland was cited and released for driving without a license. Her vehicle was also impounded by police. Falasco was booked into Merced County jail on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of concentrated cannabis and possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana and was released three hours later.

Dominic Falasco, who attended the Golden Gate University School of Law and passed the state bar exam in 1992, is a very well-known local defense attorney who has worked on high-profile cases including the Tao Rivera capital murder trial for the death of officer Stephan Gray. Falasco was elected to trustee of the board of the Los Banos Unified School District in 2012 where he currently serves. He is also a certified specialist in criminal defense law and he was appointed in 2013 to the vice chair of the Criminal Law Advisory Commission for the California Board of Legal Specialization.

A very good friend of the District Attorney Larry Morse and his wife Cindy, Falasco has worked on numerous cases as a contract attorney for the Merced Defense Association, which is also known as the MDA. The MDA is a group of lawyers contracted by Cindy Morse and her law partner Tom Pfeiff. These contract attorneys are selected to defend indigent (poor) clients who have been accused of a crime(s) when their Public Defender cannot fairly represent the defendant due to a conflict of interest. The case is then referred to the MDA by the judge and attorneys like Falasco are selected by Morse and Pfeiff to defend their clients against their bosses husband, the Merced County District Attorney Larry Morse. Read our in-depth story about who and what is the MDA by clicking on this link - https://www.facebook.com/mcntvnews/posts/1538836299687749

"I can take a few hundred to start if u will throw in a blow job as a good faith showing." - Dominic Falasco

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[caption id="attachment_12811" align="alignright" width="268"]The profile photo Falasco used when sending out requests for sex shows him with one of his daughters. The profile photo Falasco used when sending out requests for sex shows him with one of his daughters.[/caption]

According to an incredibly brave woman, we will only identify as Jane Doe who has spoken exclusively to MCNTV News and at our insistence with the Merced County Sheriff's office, Dominic Falasco and Jane Doe had a verbal agreement that he would represent her boyfriend on domestic violence charges which were filed on March 3, 2016 at the Merced Superior Court. After they had agreed on $1,700 he then began requesting sex, drugs and cash from her through text messages, which MCNTV News has obtained,  in order to get her boyfriend's sentence reduced from the 4 years the DA's office is offering down to 60 days. When she refused, she alleges that Falasco did not show up to the court hearing which delayed the case another two weeks, which was on March 22, 2016

On April 9, 2016 at 12:17 p.m., one of the alleged text messages before the most recent court date read, "Well I kinda feel I should up it back to 1700 because of (REDACTED NAME) but I wont lol. Jk. Let's make it lucky 1300. Don't sell your car I can take a few hundred now if u will throw in a blow job as a good faith showing."

Jane Doe further alleges that when she told a girlfriend about the incident her girlfriend offered to help if it would get Jane Doe's boyfriend out of jail. The emotion of him being away for the past year has been difficult for her and their child. "I was desperately hoping he would be out by her birthday," Jane Doe said in an exclusive interview with MCNTV News, "and was shocked when he made the offer. My girlfriend did go and meet him at his office and took him drugs and did that for him but he was still not satisfied."

When she asked him just what it would take to get him into court and to represent her boyfriend, Falasco responded via text message  stating he wanted Jane Doe to personally have oral sex with him and give him two hundred dollars or he wouldn't show up for court. "I couldn't understand why me?" The alleged victim said. "I mean, I'm a good-looking girl but I'm a big girl if you know what I mean and I just didn't understand it all and could not do it," she said, "and sure enough he didn't show up to court again this past Thursday. I was so frustrated that I told the commissioner in Courtroom 11 that day and showed her the texts. She said she would launch an immediate investigation and took my contact information."

She further stated that a parole officer named Lee followed her outside of the courtroom and once outside said, "You are a very brave woman to have come forward. Many more will now feel strong enough to expose all of this because of you."

But after a week of no one listening to her she decided to turn to MCNTV News. We immediately requested that she not go to either the Los Banos PD or the Merced PD due to their willingness to cover for prominent attorneys and business people like DA Larry Morse and Los Banos's Jerri Terry, but to go to the Merced County sheriff's office which she did. MCNTV News also helped her to acquire a skilled attorney who accompanied Jane Doe and her girlfriend to the Sheriff's department.

Declaration of allegations sent to the State Bar...

10369056_867849819897367_4498795854710129805_oBoth women stated they were treated with kindness and respect as they gave their statements to investigators on Wednesday 04/20/2016 and again on Thursday 04/21/2016. A source close to the case stated to MCNTV  News that information they gave along with evidence is very damning and could lead to other department investigations including the Merced County Superior Court commissioner who took the information she was given by Jane Doe and presented it to Judge McCabe. But instead of Judge McCabe ordering an immediate investigation due to the fact that if the allegations are true, hundreds, if not more, cases could be in jeopardy, he has continued to allow Dominic Falasco to represent clients. How could Judge McCabe allow this to happen in Merced Courts? Hell, it's been going on for years and many many citizens of Merced County may have been sent to prison because their girlfriend or wife refused to have sex with or provide drugs to Dominic Falasco.

A declaration of these allegations was submitted to the State Bar and to the Attorney General Kamala Harris's office, but given Falasco's prominence and close association to DA Larry Morse, it is very doubtful that anything will happen short of a slap on the wrist.

According to the declaration, sometime between March 22 and March 30, 2016, Jane Doe called Mr. Falasco, in order to retain his services for her boyfriend, who remained  incarcerated in the Merced County Jail. Jane Doe attempted to call Falasco, but when the call was not returned, she sent him a message on Facebook and he responded asking her if he needed to come to Jane Doe or if she could go to his office. Jane Doe agreed to go to his office. Falasco instructed her to come to his office on March 31, between 3:00 and 5:00 pm.

On or about March 29 or 30, 2016, Jane Doe arrived at Mr. Falasco’s office at 3:00 p.m. She had a male friend with her as well as her young child. The office was closed and the lights were off. She knocked on the door and a woman brought them in. She locked the door and they all three had a seat. Falasco came into the room where they were and the meeting started. The room was too smoky, so Jane Doe had her friend take her daughter out of the building.10342008_925837554098593_6693646200842204410_n

While she was there, there was a knock at the door and Falasco's secretary walked outside to talk him. Someone was there demanding money for a tablet. An argument ensued and Mr. Falasco said something like “I don’t know anything about a fucking tablet.” The secretary came back in and locked the door and Mr. Falasco made sure the curtains were shut. Jane Doe was scared and uncomfortable, but she really wanted to obtain an attorney for her boyfriend. Jane Doe texted her friend and told him not to bring her daughter back into the building, as she did not feel it was safe.

Falasco and Jane Doe resumed their conversation and her boyfriend called her phone. He was able to speak with Mr. Falasco about representation directly.

Falasco agreed to represent her boyfriend and said it would normally be around $6,000. Jane Doe asked if Falasco would take some of it in drugs and he, at first, said he would not, then he changed his mind. He quoted her the price of $1,700. Jane Doe asked if he could make it cheaper and he agreed to make it $1,500 as long as she could pay him $200 right then. Jane Doe said she paid him the $200 and Falasco said we would work out arrangements for the remainder of the fee. Jane Doe also stated that they did not have a written fee agreement and that he did not give her a receipt.

Later that night, Mr. Falasco contacted Jane Doe on Facebook. Their conversation turned to drugs and he said “good thing that I don’t smoke because it makes me horny and want to fuck all night.” The messages continued along these lines, and Jane Doe would try and get him a woman to have sex with. Falasco also wanted to come to Jane Doe's house and smoke methamphetamine, though she states that those messages were erased.

1375164_10200956550497430_823501843_nThe messages continued and Jane Doe told him she was not able to obtain drugs and Falasco said he would come by her house and smoke Jane Doe out. Jane Doe said she had not used methamphetamine in a few months, but was trying to get the fees reduced.

On or about March 31, 2016, Falasco came to her home, to smoke her out. She said she was nervous about him coming over after their conversation where he said that when he uses drugs he wants to “fuck all night.” She did not want to be alone when he arrived, so her brother was waiting in the back room in case there was an issue. She also had a friend with her.

When Mr. Falasco arrived, he pulled two bags out of his pocket, which appeared to contain methamphetamine. He also had a glass pipe, blackened from smoke. He took a hit of the methamphetamine.

Jane Doe noticed the task force walking by her apartment and told Mr. Falasco. He then packed up his drugs and pipe and left. He said that if he was stopped he would say he was there to consult on a case. Jane Does stated she was told by Falasco to say the same.

The Facebook messages from Mr. Falasco started in the evening of March 31, 2016, continued throughout the night and the following day. Jane Doe said she was attempting to get a woman for him in order to have the fees reduced. Then Falasco told her that he would knock $500 off of the bill if she gave him a “blow job.” She felt pressured to perform sexual acts or find some who would.

Sometime in the early morning hours of April 1, Jane Doe states that her friend went to Mr. Falasco’s office and provided him with methamphetamine in exchange for some of the legal fees. Jane Doe was also informed that some sort of sex act also took place in exchange for the fees.

On April 3, 2016, Falasco was in his vehicle with a female client driving. They were pulled over and Mr. Falasco was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. On April 7, 2016, Mr. Falasco did not appear in court to represent Jane Doe's boyfriend. The matter was continued to see if Mr. Falasco would appear.

Jane Doe then contacted Mr. Falasco on Facebook and tried calling him to find out why he did not appear in court. He did not respond to either. Jane Doe continued to message him and he finally responded to her on the evening of April 9. He again pressured her for a blow job. When Jane Doe refused, Falasco stopped communicating with her and blocked her messages.

On April 14, 2016, Jane Doe's boyfriend again had court. When Mr. Falasco did not appear, Jane Doe informed Commissioner Schechter that Mr. Falasco was demanding sexual acts in order for him to represent her boyfriend.

Merced County residents never knew trading drugs and sex could get them reduced sentences in Merced County Courts...

[caption id="attachment_12695" align="alignleft" width="373"]Picture-9 (1) Merced County Court's Judge Brian McCabe has allowed for this behavior by attorneys to continue without taking charge of an out-of-control court.[/caption]

According to our source the information revealed has led investigators to believe that the trade of sex and drugs by Falasco may have been going on for a number of years and that most of the county judges were well aware of Falasco's drug and alcohol abuse. This may also lead to a number of cases that will have to be reviewed if it is shown that Falasco has been trading sex and drugs for legal representation for years.

Merced County's judicial system is fraught with corruption and it is no secret that judicial prejudice rules the new court building's dirty halls of justice. DA Larry Morse and many other prominent attorney's and friends of his will proclaim their condemnation of the sex trade going on in the hoods of Merced County, while there has been the wide-spread illicit sex trade going on right here in our own justice system.

Many female lawyers have complained to MCNTV News about the DA's groping hands especially while out at mixers and other schmooze fests with Merced's politicians and wanna be politicians. We told you about the sex trade at the County jail under Sheriff Mark Pazin's watch and how that was just swept under the carpet. And we told you about the investigation that one of our own volunteers was involved in where the DA was trading sex for favors, too. But none can compare to this latest slime ball and we're sure the DA's office will defend him tooth and nail. After all, he is a very well-connected long-time close friend of District Attorney Larry D. Morse II, but who are we to judge such a slime ball because we are supposed to remain neutral, right?

[caption id="attachment_12077" align="alignright" width="233"]MCNTV News had the victims bi-pass the Merced County DA Larry Morse since he and Falasco are very good friends MCNTV News had the victims bypass the Merced County DA Larry Morse since he and Falasco are very good friends[/caption]

We ask that a federal task force be assigned to the Merced Superior Court to find out more about what has been going on. From a stolen golf cart linked to the Merced Superior Court CEO Linda Romero Solis, to Judge McCabe allowing an attorney with the MDA to trade sex and drugs for legal representation. After all Falasco is still representing clients in court without any of the judges standing and questioning how many cases have been traded for sex and drugs that Falasco may be involved in? At this point, Merced Superior Court judges must be placed on admin leave with temporary judges brought in to continue to run our legal system while cases are reviewed and a complete accounting audit done.

But most likely this, too, will be swept under the carpet since the Attorney General Kamala Harris is in the middle of an election and Merced County residents really don't seem to care enough to take back their county from blatant corruption. And so the beat goes on...

If you or someone you know has been a victim of this illegal activity, please contact the Merced County Sheriff's Dept., the California State Bar, or send us a private message on Facebook or email mcntvnews@gmail.com


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